The Momentum Health Solutions HIV YourLife Programme has over nine years' HIV/AIDS disease management experience. Since its inception, more than 55 000 enrolees have registered on the Programme. With a focus on education and support, the programme ensures absolute confidentiality and motivates participating members to manage their condition appropriately.

Momentum Health Solutions

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Case Manager
  • Information and advice on treatment from experienced healthcare professionals
  • Information about the correct diet, vitamins and lifestyle to build your immune system
  • Referrals to healthcare providers who are specialists and experienced in managing HIV patients.
  • Counselling and support for your family members and sexual partner - with your permission

call0860 109 793

Your Benefits Include:
  • Antiretroviral medication
  • Free Blood tests related to HIV/AIDS
  • Doctors' consultations.
  • Treatment to help prevent your baby from contracting the HIV virus.Files/(20181112114659 AM) IMED HIV PEP form Nov 2018.pdf
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication to prevent HIV infection
  • Management of TB

Enroll on your HIV Programme

  • 1
    Download the application HIV YourLife Programme Application Form
  • 2
    Print out and complete the Main Member and Patient Details section.
  • 3
    Get your Attending Doctor to complete their section
  • 4
    The applicant needs to sign and complete the form
  • 5
    012 675 3848

    Place in an envelope and post to us

    PO Box 2338
  • 5
    We shall process once we have recieved your form.


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HIV Yourlife Programme